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How to Grind Coffee Without a Grinder

Many experts would agree that grinding coffee just before the brewing process is essential in protecting the natural coffee flavor. If you are looking to get a cup of coffee that tastes fantastic, I advise you always to have freshly ground coffee beans. Let’s discuss, how to grind coffee.

Buying a grinder that can finish this job instead of you can cost additional money, and that is why I have decided to create this guide and teach you how you can do it on your own. All you need is some kitchen tools that will replicate the capabilities of a grinder.

Pestle and Mortar

You have probably seen this one being used in other ways to grind some spices or even medicines. Pharmacists tend to use these tools very often, and it can even be useful for getting a perfect grind texture.

It is quite easy to do:

  • Make sure you fill your mortar with few amount of coffee beans.
  • Take the pestle with your stronger and more dominant hand and hold the mortar in your other hand.
  • Crush the coffee beans as hard as you can.
  • Keep adding coffee beans till you meet the quantity you want.
  • Keep rolling coffee in a mortar and pressing it down until you reach the consistency and required texture.

Use Blender

This is a great replacement to a standard grinder because the blade system will perfectly cut and grind coffee. Some blenders may even have a setting that says “grinding” on it which is created specifically for coffee.

Do not forget to add the lid to the blender during this process if you do not want to find yourself chasing the beans all around your kitchen.

A fantastic tip I can definitely give you when using a blender is to add beans in small amounts rather than adding a lot of beans at the start. Blades have a tendency to run at a high speed which heats up pretty quickly. This results in cooking the beans instead of only grinding them, and you will be losing some of the coffee’s oils that are required if you want a flavorful coffee.

Use a Rolling Pin

A rolling pin is perfect for crushing and grinding coffee beans at the same time due to perfect design and simple use. With a rolling pin, you can aim at a more even texture and get a finer grind.

A medium to fine grind can be achieved using a rolling pin.

A Hammer

I guess no one saw this one coming. Hammer is a perfect tool for crushing coffee beans, however, it is also a very good tool for destroying your kitchen, so be careful with using this one and opt for options I mentioned earlier.

Medium coarse grind can be achieved with the hammer, and if you are looking to brew espresso while grinding coffee beans with a hammer, you are terribly wrong. This option comes at last and only if you do not own any of the prior mentioned kitchen tools.

Summing up

My recommendation goes to the mortar and pestle as that is definitely the best option for grinding coffee without a grinder. You can use other options, too, but you risk destroying your kitchen or filling it out with coffee beans if you forget to put a lid on a blender.

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