Our story

From a man with a plan to a solar-powered coffee roastery.

Back in 2000, our companies founder Chireh used his engineering experience to begin installing, repairing and maintaining coffee equipment. It was hot back then, new cafes were opening on every street, business was picking up for him.

With all these new contacts in the coffee industry, he decided to begin importing and distributing roasted coffee beans from Spain to his existing clients.

Starting with 100kg of roasted coffee and a little scooter, Hormozi Coffee was founded.

Little did we imagine back then, that we would have come this far. Cafe’s and restaurants loved what we had to offer. By 2005, we were all over London and popping up around the country. People loved this blend. Oh and the scooter was swapped out for a van! His wife, Nina joined him at this point and took over the administration and finances while he was out on the field.

Things were going well till a falling out with his coffee roaster in Spain left him without any coffee to supply! It was at this point we struck out, and began roasting our own coffee. Chireh’s son Rubin joined the family business and dedicated all of his time and attention to studying the art of coffee roasting.

It is crazy how much the whole family learnt about coffee in the process!

Many, many batches of burnt coffee later, the roasts started to taste good. From the moment, Hormozi Coffee began roasting for themselves and every single batch of coffee we delivered was freshly roasted to order.

Years later now, we run a solar-powered coffee roastery in Kent stocking over 30 different origins and blends with new origins and fresh blend recipes constantly being added.


We take pride in reducing our emissions and carbon footprint by implenting the use of renwable energies and recyclable products


Hormozi Coffee love working alongside charities and schools to help the community and those in need.


Everyone at Hormozi loves coffee, so we feel it is only right to provide you all with the freshest, tastiest coffee beans around.

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