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Free Coffee Sample

4.5 based on 19 reviews

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On all orders over 2kg

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident you will love our coffee.

Try our freshly roasted coffee by ordering a free coffee sample today! Please note, we ask you to pay just £0.99 post and packaging fee or upgrade to a paid coffee sample of 125g for £3.99.


Looking for a dark roast, we would recommend:

  • Italian blend
  • India Monsoon
  • Indonesia Sumatra

If you are a medium roast fan we would recommend:

If you love a light roasted coffee, you could try:

  • Kenya Peaberry
  • Congo Kivu
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

But really they are all lovely and unique in your own way! Worth trying at least once, especially considering you can order as many as you want. No reason to delay, get your free coffee sample today!



About Hormozi Coffee:


Hormozi Coffee, originally Cafe Hormozi, was founded back in the year 2000 by Chireh Hormozi. We are a family run coffee roastery based in Kent, Sittingbourne who pride ourselves on three things,our flexibility, dedication to customer service and our fantastic freshly roasted coffee. We stock 30+ single origins, 10+ blends and 5+ decaf coffees to suit every pallette and available as either light, medium or dark roast!




  • What do you charge for delivery? All orders come with free shipping via Royal Mail 2nd class. Any orders above 2kg will be automatically upgraded to next day delivery.
  • How long is coffee sitting on the shelf before it is delivered to me? All our coffee is freshly roasted to order, it literally cannot get any fresher!
  • Who are you guys? Do you have a physical store? We are family run business who sell retail coffee beans online but also supply wholesale both online and locally.
  • Are you doing your part to save the planet? Our roastery is solar powered and we try to use reyclable / eco-friendly packaging wherever possible.
  • Is it OK to buy ground coffee? Though we recommend always buying as whole beans and grinding as you need it, we can understand that not everyone has a grinder at home! Just store the coffee well and drink it quickly!
Origin or Blends?

Rwanda Microlot, Kenya, Ethiopia Djimmah, Ethiopia Limu, Ethiopia Sidamo, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Congo Kivu, Tanzania Robusta, Tanzania, Colombia Supremo, Colombia Excelso, Colombia Suarez, Brazil Santos, Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Brazil Peaberry, Brazil Barbosa Gold, Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala Huehuetenango, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico SHG, El Salvador Finca San Ernesto, India Monsoon, India Cherry, Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling, Indonesia Old Brown Java, Papua New Guinea, Thailand Doi Chaang, Vietnam Wet Polished Robusta, Myanmar Greenland Natural, Jamaica Blue Mountain, MC Decaf, Mexican Water Decaf, CO2 Decaf, Colombian Sugar Cane Decaf, Swiss Water Decaf Blend, Spanish House, Royal, Arabica, JBM blend, Forte, Italian, Continental, Excellence, New World

Do you want it ground?

Beans, Fine ground – For Espresso, Coarse Ground – For Filter Coffee

How much coffee?

25g, 125g

Roasted or Green?

Light, Medium, Dark, Green

4.5 based on 19 reviews

19 reviews for Free Coffee Sample

  1. Dennis O’Gara

    Excellent coffee quality
    Fast delivery

  2. jennifer jones

    Good quality

  3. Tony Osborne

    It is a lovely taste

  4. Nina Thomson

    I can’t wait to try a free sample of your coffee! Thank you in advance!

  5. Ann Atkinson

    Lovely coffee so refreshing and delicious well worth buying

  6. Amanda Jane Mooney

    Hopefully chose good coffee. Ordered 125g

  7. Soum

    Worth a try!

  8. Aisha


  9. Clare copeland


  10. Audray baines


  11. Sally-Ann baird


  12. Vicky

    Can not wait to try this one

  13. Stephanie ross


  14. Stephanie ross

    Stephanie ross great coffee and great price

  15. Stafford pa

    I only buy my ground coffee from you. Its the best I’ve had and im slowly working my way through the flavours. I use an old fashioned percolator with a coarse ground its absolutely perfect. Love it

  16. Chris

    Great coffee highly recommend 5star
    So fresh perfectly roasted

  17. Katy rita Turner

    Worth trying

  18. Dawn

    Great coffee loved the smell and the taste.

  19. Steve Hall

    Good price for a sample. Did lead me to purchasing more of this particular coffee.

    Fresh roast, easy delivery. Will be back to sample more of a huge selection of coffee available from Hormozi.

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