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Why It Pays to Listen to Customers

I was reminded a while back about the value in listening to customers.

One of our regulars (he won’t mind me calling him that!) got in touch with me one day to tell me all about this gorgeous new coffee bean he’d recently tasted. He told me all about it and asked me if I could source it. He insisted it was one of the best coffee beans he had ever tried.

It was a Nicaraguan Jinotega bean.  Now, we already stocked a type of Nicaragua Bean, but he insisted it was an outstanding origin. It took a while to source it, but eventually, when I did, he was right!

It was a wonderful bean and boy did it taste and smell delicious. Maybe not the best but certainly one of the best coffee beans we have to offer.

It is now one of our best selling origin coffee beans, and it has become so popular, even our coffee wholesale customers are buying more.

This just gives me faith that whilst it may seem a bit old fashioned to some, by sticking to our traditional family values and taking care of every customer’s needs and actually interacting and speaking to them that one day, all of our efforts will be rewarded.

Until then, we’ll keep making, roasting and selling you great coffee – and keep listening to your ideas as you share them with us.

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Origin: Nicaragua Process: Washed Altitude: 1200m Harvest: Dec-Mar Flavour notes: Chocolate, Prune, Nutty SCA score: 85 Varietal: Catimor, Caturra

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