Oh beautiful caffeine, the rocket fuel of choice for most people who visit our blog. Today we are going to discuss how much caffeine is too much caffeine, which is something we get asked very often. Many of us jump start our day with a dose of caffeine ( a cup of coffee) and we should be aware that caffeine is in fact a drug, specifically a stimulant.

In another blog post we discuss what Caffeine actually is. If you have not yet read it, I would recommend checking that out before continuing.

It seems to be the general consensus that up to 400mg per day is safe to consume for a healthy adult, which means most of you are safe. 400mg will come out to something like 4-5 cups of coffee a day.

Keep in mind that the figure above is for healthy adults. Pregnant women, young adults and children should either avoid caffeine consumption or be careful with it and discuss with their doctor if they develop any negative side affects or symptoms.

If you’ve had too much caffeine you could start suffering from one of these symptoms / side effects:

On the other hand, caffeine is not all doom and gloom, various studies indicate that caffeine provides a multitude of health benefits:

With the above in mind, it is safe to say that 4-5 cups of coffee is within the safe limit and that in fact, aiming for around 2 cups of coffee a day could increase your overall health.

In another article we will discuss as a whole the positive effects of coffee which I think a lot of you will be very surprised by how powerful a cup of coffee can actually.

A quick tip for those who are sensitive to caffeine but do not want to give it up completely! Please check out of Colombian Sugar Cane Decaf. It is so delicious and can be blended with our regular coffees to reduce the overall caffeine content and increase the amount of cups of coffee you can comfortably drink a day!

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