Why Cafe Hormozi?

We are a family, and we treat our customers as family too.

In order to provide you with the best service possible, for you, we just ask you! Regularly, we talk to our clients to find out more of what THEY want.

Surely it would be silly to think that WE know what you want? Only you know that. The reason we think you should give Cafe Hormozi a try, is to find out first hand, how nice it is to be treated as a person! Not just another client.

A little about us?

I am Rubin Hormozi. I handle things from roasting the coffee, to answering customer queries, even to tinkering small problems on the website. If you send us an email, you will most likely get a response from me.

My father, Chireh Hormozi, is the man that started this company many years ago. I have never met someone so experienced and talented when it comes to machinery of any kind, of course including espresso machines and the sort! If you have any trouble with your coffee machine, you should definitely get in touch so Chireh can give you a call. Many of our customers have called in saying they have this huge problem, their machine is bust, etc. After a 30 minute phone call and a little messing around with the machine, they were back in action ready to brew coffees.

Finally my mother, Nina Hormozi, deals with pretty much everything else! That includes accounting, couriers, stock keeping and all the boring jobs nobody else wanted (thanks mum!). If you ever call our office it is most likely Nina will be answering.

What is the goal?

Our goal is to be ever changing and to never get stuck in our ways.

The market, economy and average person is evolving and changing every day, therefore our company must also be fluid and capable to make adjustments as per our customers desire. That is why we are always taking into consideration customer feedback, and even more, we are SEEKING out customer feedback to improve our service and what we can offer to you.

Following up to this post, I will be writing another to describe the different ways you can brew coffee. That will be the start of a series of posts where I try to explain and inform regarding the various methods of coffee brewing, from traditional espresso guidelines to new and exciting cold brews.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed my writing or just wanted to stay in the loop regarding the coffee information I will be posting I suggest you sign up to our mailing list. Other than that, follow us on social media! You won’t believe how much it helps us grow, just a simple like, follow or repost.

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