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Travel the coffee belt with Hormozi – Coffee gift pack

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This pack contains some of our favourite coffees from Africa, Asia, South America and a lovely V60 drip filter. Ideal gift for someone new to coffee or someone who is currently hooked on instant! (YUK)

The kit contains everything you will need to get started with brewing your own fresh coffee at home, as well as giving you a varied selection of coffees to really get a full taste of what coffee has to offer.

You will find in this pack either:

  • 250g Indonesia Sumatra medium roast
  • 250g Ethiopia Sidamo light roast
  • 250g Brazil Santos dark roast
  • V60 clear plastic dripper
  • 40 x V60 filter papers
  • A description of each of the coffees

If you order the 3 x 50g pack, you will find:

  • 50g Indonesia Sumatra Medium roast
  • 50g Ethiopia Sidamo Light Roast
  • 50g Brazil Santos Dark Roast
  • A description of each of the coffees

Please remember to select whether you wish the coffees to be coarse ground or as whole beans.



Beans, Coarse Ground – For Filter Coffee

How much coffee?

3 x 250g, 3 x 50g, Free Sample(ONLY ONCE)

How Often?

Once, Once a week, Once a month

4 based on 3 reviews

3 reviews for Travel the coffee belt with Hormozi – Coffee gift pack

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