Costa Rica Aquiares Entre Rios Anaerobic Natural

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Flavour notes: Orange, Apple, Silky


Farm: Aquiares Estate
Varietals: Marsellesa & Obatá
Processing: Anaerobic Natural
Altitude: 1,100to 1,400 metres above sea level
Owner: Robelo Family
Town: Aquiares
Region: Turrialba
Country: Costa Rica
Total size of farm: 924 hectares
Area under coffee: 623hectares

Grown at 1,100-1,400m altitude in Turrialba. Anaerobic natural process highlights creamy blueberries and grapefruit. Owned by the Robelo Family.

Costa Rica Aquiares Entre Rios Anaerobic Natural

High in the misty mountains of Esquipulas, nestled near Guatemala’s eastern frontier, lies the serene retreat known as Finca Las Nubes. Surrounded by a lush forest of pine and cypress trees, this haven offers sanctuary to a variety of wild bird species. Journeying to this remote location requires traversing approximately 236 kilometers from Guatemala City, a winding 10-hour round trip through rugged terrain.

The name “Las Nubes,” meaning “The Clouds,” reflects the farm’s elevated position, often shrouded in mist. In the 1980s, Don Fabio Solís, formerly a lorry driver, embarked on a remarkable endeavor, purchasing the finca despite its lack of infrastructure or coffee trees. The journey to the farm, a challenging four-hour hike for Don Fabio and his wife, Doña Sonia, marked the beginning of their laborious efforts to cultivate the land. Initially selling semi-processed coffee in local markets, their dedication bore fruit in 2001 when Finca Las Nubes achieved a remarkable victory in Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence competition, earning an unprecedented score of 96 out of 100.

Beyond its achievements in coffee production, Finca Las Nubes serves as a catalyst for community development, creating employment opportunities and contributing clean water to neighboring areas. Collaborating with nearby small-scale producers, the farm fosters a spirit of cooperation and mutual support.

Central to Finca Las Nubes’ coffee cultivation is the Maragogype, a unique mutation of the Bourbon coffee plant renowned for its large leaves, cherries, and beans. Affectionately known as the “Elephant Bean” due to its size, this variety produces fewer cherries but offers a more concentrated flavor profile, embodying the farm’s commitment to excellence.


About Hormozi Coffee:

Hormozi Coffee, originally Cafe Hormozi, was founded back in the year 2000 by Chireh Hormozi. We are a family run coffee roastery based in Kent, Sittingbourne who pride ourselves on three things,our flexibility, dedication to customer service and our fantastic freshly roasted coffee. We stock 30+ single origins, 10+ blends and 5+ decaf coffees to suit every pallette and available as either light, medium or dark roast!


What do you charge for delivery? All orders come with free shipping via Royal Mail 2nd class. Any orders above 2kg will be automatically upgraded to next day delivery.
How long is coffee sitting on the shelf before it is delivered to me? All our coffee is freshly roasted to order, it literally cannot get any fresher!
Who are you guys? Do you have a physical store? We are family run business who sell retail coffee beans online but also supply wholesale both online and locally.
Are you doing your part to save the planet? Our roastery is solar powered and we try to use reyclable / eco-friendly packaging wherever possible.
Is it OK to buy ground coffee? Though we recommend always buying as whole beans and grinding as you need it, we can understand that not everyone has a grinder at home! Just store the coffee well and drink it quickly!

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