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Complete Barista Coffee Experience Starter Deal

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Are you opening a restaurant or cafe? If you are anything like us, then you probably want to offer the best possible coffee experience to your customers.

It can be confusing when it comes to deciding which espresso machine is best, what coffee grinder will be most suitable or what beans will achieve the best results? Which accessories are necessary and which are not? Well, we know how busy things can get when you are trying to put together a project like this, so we are here to offer our help.

As coffee roasters and aficionados, we would love to help you provide your customers with a genuine and professional barista coffee experience.

For just £1,999.99 + VAT we will take care of setting you up with everything coffee-related, including installation if you are based in Kent or London.

What is included in this starter package?

  • A brand new2 group espresso machine R.R.P. £1,700.00
  • A brand new quality coffee grinder R.R.P. £300.00
  • A brand new heavy duty stainless steel knock box R.R.P. £125.00
  • A refurbished stainless steel renewable water softener R.R.P. £150.00
  • A brand new metal coffee tamper R.R.P. £19.99
  • A brand new set of 3 different sized stainless steel milk frothing jugs. R.R.P. £45.00
  • A brand new set of 3 milk thermometers. R.R.P. £19.99
  • Two brand new chocolate and cinnamon sprinklers. R.R.P. £19.99
  • A brand new rubber tamping mat. R.R.P. £9.99
  • Two brand new barista portafilter cloths. R.R.P. £9.99
  • Two brand new group cleaning brushes. R.R.P. £9.99

That comes out to a total of over £2,400.00. You are saving more than £400.00 on this deal! On top of that, we will chuck in an extra £95.00 worth of coffee beans to get you started (10kg of our house blend) and give you a free crash-course on how to froth your milk and adjust your grinder for perfect espresso pulls.


This is the full package, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. Your start-ups success is our priority, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that!



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